The Words, the Space, and the Wobble

What is a word wobble?  I guess for those of us who love writing for personal reasons but end up really doing most of our writing for professional purposes, we sometimes struggle with finding just the right word that doesn’t sound like a business term or phrase.  Standard words or phrases are easier than the personal ones that make a writer’s confidence shake a bit.

All words have power, but sometimes we wobble in the use of those words.  Even so, there is a starting point in that wobbling of language.  That’s where we begin.  But even in the wobbly moments, a writer defines the self by the words or phrases chosen.

Not too long ago, I read a book in which one of the characters discussed the space between the words, that there is power too in that space.  I was intrigued by that concept because I seemed to think of that space in the drafting process as the wobble room, the place to explore the finding and even creating of words.  Within that idea there is such great opportunities, and into those areas I plan to go.

My intent is that this blog will be my wobble space, the place where I play with words and ideas.  As a writing teacher, I have a tendency to encourage my students to write, to explore, to wobble with words.  It’s my turn to do the same.

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